Market Segment



Brite Polymer’s best technical knowhow across numerous resins and processes, is the key reason we are preferred supplier mastebatches to packaging producers.

Our experience and knowledge bring value to consumers of specific requirement and also offer problem solving, our specialist provide product safety and regulatory compliance such as HALAL; FDA; RoHS and other important regulations and standards.

Our color development services offer full range of color including pearlescent, fluorescents, and glitters plus laser marking masterbatches and many others.


Building & Construction

Light and weathering resistance, flammability requirement, specific light transmission intensity are some of the criteria which are required for Building and Construction plastics, and we are the right partner for developing this segment.



Film applications today is demanding on specific requirement such as Green House, bubble wrap film, Mulch film, stretch film, hence additives have important task in order to reach the properties such as UV stabilization, specific IR transmission, slip agent, anti block, Flame Retardant etc . Our BEAM product range is completed support meet this requirement.


Consumer Goods

From housewares, appliances, office equipment devices and from electronics to stationery, Brite Polymer bring solution more than hundreds of resins, not just a color, also incorporate performance effect such as antimicrobial, reduce cycle time, enhance properties and many others.

In order to meet systematic quality assurance, Brite Polymer implementing comprehensive the demanding quality and environment standards of ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.


Compostable Color Resin

Strong commitment to environment and reduction of plastic waste, Brite Polymer develop full range of color compostable resin call BIO BRITE COMPOSTABLE, Compostable resin made from natural ingredient and suitable for processing such as blow molding, film and extrusion.

We help make earth greener by continuing contribution to promote renewable polymers.



Brite Polymer color masterbatches are successful in a range of exterior and interior parts including door panels, head lamp, cables, carpets and instrument panels. BEAM family of additives meet the stringent UV resistance requirements, and combination of color and additive in single formulation will give cost effective benefit.


Fibers and Filament

Brite Polymer present color for Fiber and Filament, our masterbatches technology ensures meet the latest technology processing of Carpets, Upholstery, non woven and textile.

Our expertise develop custom masterbatches color with high color strength and low use rate, resulting in excellent color dispersion and lot to lot color consistency.



Lucent ™

Sophisticated Color Masterbathes designed for Plastic Polyolefin with superior color dispersion and high content, hence achieving optimize performance while reducing usage level. Successfully used in different market segment from packaging, toys, fiber and automotive and approve to regulatory and also product safety.

Lucent masterbatch are tailored formulation to meet our customer requirement, including improvement properties by combining of additives such as UV stabilizer, antimicrobial, and many others.

shutterstock_408181489 Lucent

Lumine ™

Lumine mastebatch is design for engineering plastics, perform reliably in specific process parameter of customer production.

Our Technical support continue giving answer increasingly stringent technical demand to enhance productivity and optimize cost in many different engineering resin such as Nylon, TPU, PMMA, PETG.

shutterstock_1065919628 Lumine

Iridescent ™

Iridescent is multipurpose color concentrate suitable for wide range of resin with excellent color performance and compatibility. Cost effective when low level of colorants required.

shutterstock_1406821199 Iridescent


Is total solution additive masterbatch to enhance performance features of Plastic. Those can be achieved by single component or combination.

Our BEAM masterbatch available as combination with color masterbatch in single product.

The BEAM product range available as standard additive masterbatch and also we can develop custom masterbatch.

shutterstock_525226411 BEAM